About the event

The DrupalCamp Vienna is Austria's first conference to connect the active Drupal open source community with local business, designers and developers.

Drupal is is a powerful, free and flexible Content Management System, distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). A Drupalcamp is a regional conference, where people meet, attend sessions or talk about Drupal. It's a great opportunity to get to know the (local) Drupal community or just learn about the software. After successful camps in Cologne and Aarau this event is the third Drupalcamp in a German-speaking country this year, and the first one in Austria generally.  


 Vienna University of Technology


 Nov 27th - 28th, 2009


Drupal Austria Association in cooperation with Vienna University of Technology

Registration / Session proposals

Registration is available on this webpage. Consider following us on Twitter or submit a session!


Registration will be free! But it would be great if you donate some Euros so that we can provide some nice stuff (Coffee, Catering, Party, ...). T-Shirts will be available for € 15.-.

Primary language

English. Some sessions also in German.

The priority of this event is to promote within Austria the open source content manage system Drupal by demonstrating the productivity of the CMS and by expanding public awareness of the system. Moreover, partnerships between the Drupal community and research institutions will be advanced through networking. A platform should also be created for facilitating communication between community members and users of the CMS, where they can also exchange ideas on specific themes and innovative projects. The regional aspect should also be in the foreground, as an objective of the event is to bring together active users and communities from the neighbouring countries and to facilitate international cooperation.

Target Audience

  • Drupal developers and users from Austria and neighbouring countries
  • Professionals/Managers
  • University Staff and Students
  • Advertising agencies, web designers and web developers