MongoDB: a database for websites

Vortragende(r):  chx
Track:  Development & Science
Erfahrungsgrad:  Sehr erfahrene Benutzer
Room:  Hörsaal 6
Start:  28.11.2009 - 16:00
Typ:  Session
Sprache:  Englisch

New databases are entering the stage which put performance / scalability first and features second. One of the most interesting is MongoDB -- while insanely fast it's still got a lot of interesing features. Obviously, Drupal and MongoDB are already becoming friends...

Are you also presenting the

Are you also presenting the views backend? I would like to see it in live.

Just some questions, why does it not make sense to place every drupal-db stuff into mongoDB?

Daniel Wehner 22. November 2009 - 23:01