IAESTE & Drupal: How Drupal is used by a distributed organization

Vortragende(r):  Roland Ulbricht
Track:  Show Cases & Business
Erfahrungsgrad:  Anfänger, Erfahrene Benutzer, Sehr erfahrene Benutzer
Room:  Hörsaal 15
Start:  28.11.2009 - 09:00
Typ:  Session
Sprache:  Englisch

IAESTE is a student-run organization which runs an international internship-exchange program and also organizes career-fairs. IAESTE Austria consists of six local committees at different universities. Of course, each committee has it's own website. Also, each career fair has it's own website and there are also several other events that have their own websites. We will present how Drupal made our lifes easier.

What we will show:
- complexity of what we do and our structure
- What we learned so far
- The new LC Vienna website and the student-registration-system (CCK and self-developed modules)
- The new "Company Portal" website and the company-registration-system (Übercart, profiles, countless modules)
- Why our life is easier now