Translate Drupal!

Vortragende(r):  Gábor Hojtsy
Track:  Community & Open Discussion
Erfahrungsgrad:  Anfänger, Erfahrene Benutzer
Room:  Hörsaal 8
Start:  27.11.2009 - 12:00
Typ:  Session
Sprache:  Englisch

Translating Drupal is possible to different languages was almost in the initial DNA of the project. We will cover current tools for producing, sharing and perfecting translations, and see where the near future leads.

Various translation teams at the recently announced are pushing ahead translating Drupal and all its fun modules and themes to various languages. How will you get all the awesome translations from the server? How can you submit your own translations? It has never been this easy to contribute, and I'll show you how.