Using Drupal for your business - a case study for a television network site

Vortragende(r):  Andrew Burcin
Track:  Show Cases & Business
Erfahrungsgrad:  Anfänger, Erfahrene Benutzer, Sehr erfahrene Benutzer
Room:  Hörsaal 15
Start:  28.11.2009 - 11:00
Typ:  Session
Sprache:  Englisch

Just about every company has a presence on the web these days and sites are expected to offer an increasing level of sophistication. Drupal is an Open Source CMS platform which provides a development platform that can be used to quickly build complex web sites, providing very high user value with comparatively low development cost.

We will show how we used Drupal for 2nd largest television network in Czech Republic (FTV Prima - to create a single CMS which allow FTV Prima to manage all of its web assets through a single gateway.

The presentation will focus on business aspects of the site, our multisite solution and unique multicrop image solution.