What's up with Drupal 7?

Vortragende(r):  Gábor Hojtsy
Track:  Community & Open Discussion
Erfahrungsgrad:  Anfänger, Erfahrene Benutzer
Room:  Hörsaal 6
Start:  28.11.2009 - 09:00
Typ:  Session
Sprache:  Englisch

When is it going to be released? What are the new hot features and changes? What is going to break, how hard it is to update? What's newly built in? When should we start build sites with it? How can you help make Drupal 7 even better? If you'd ask any of these questions, this is the session to come and discuss. We will look at Drupal 7's key new elements, what's changed, what's new and will cover progress made by contributed module developers.