Kristof Van Tomme

knowledge-management Drupal bio-engineer

Kristof Van Tomme is one of the two founders of Pronovix, a Belgian Hungarian Drupal company. He's got a degree in Bio-engineering and made his first Drupal site in the tech transfer office of Szeged, Hungary. Kristof started an introductory Drupal course at the University of Szeged and was initiator and co-lead for Drupalcon Szeged in 2008. As a permanent member of the Drupal Association Kristof is the lead of the selection task force
for European Drupalcons.

Stadt:  Ghent
Land:  Belgium
Drupal ID:  55005


Drupalcamp 2009

Ich werde am Drupalcamp Wien 2009 teilnehmen:  Ja


Mitglied seit
7 Jahre 21 Wochen

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  • Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems
  • Fakultät für Informatik, TU Wien
  • WKO Wien UBIT
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