• What's up with Drupal 7?

    Gábor Hojtsy
    Gábor Hojtsy

    When is it going to be released? What are the new hot features and changes? What is going to break, how hard it is to update? What's newly built in? When should we start build sites with it? How can...

  • Translate Drupal!

    Gábor Hojtsy
    Gábor Hojtsy

    Translating Drupal is possible to different languages was almost in the initial DNA of the project. We will cover current tools for producing, sharing and perfecting translations, and see where the...

  • Kirche im Web 2.0 [cancelled]

    Melanie Huber

    Besonderheiten im Aufbau einer Community im Kontext Kirche am Beispiel von evangelisch.de. Hürden, Schwierigkeiten, Herausforderungen und Chancen im Zuge des Aufbaus dieser Community und die dazu...

  • Drupal: Collective Identity Out of the Box ?

    Rositza Dikova

    “Drupal can do everything!” – does it sound familiar? Well – it was the first answer to each of my questions posed during my first encounter with it, on the part of the humble clientele. “But no one...

  • Central America Drupal Community Building

    Josef Dabernig

    I spent a whole year in Nicaragua and a month traveling over El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize up to Mexico doing my Drupal Tour Centroamerica 2009 where I had a great experience doing Community...