Drupal's Taxonomy System

Presenter:  Matthias Hutterer
Track:  Development & Science
Experience Level:  Intermediate
Room:  Hörsaal 8
Start:  27.11.2009 - 15:00
Type:  Session
Language:  English

Drupal’s taxonomy system helps you to organize content on your web site. This robust categorization system is one thing that sets it apart from other CMSs. During the development cycle for Drupal 7, the system received a big overhaul. In the meanwhile, the world of contributed taxonomy modules is growing. Views, CCK and many other extensions make the system even more powerful.

This session will give an introduction into the taxonomy system, its basic concepts, features and improvements in Drupal 7. Furthermore a categorization of contributed taxonomy modules will be presented and essential modules will be discussed in more detail.


  • Introduction to taxonomy: brief summary of the basic concepts
  • Features in core: how can it be used to organize your content
  • Taxonomy and CCK: when to use what
  • The world of taxonomy contrib: overview of essential modules
  • Taxonomy Manager: demo on how to effectively manage your vocabularies
  • Taxonomy module in Drupal 7: overview of important improvements
Slides as file:  application/pdf iconmh taxonomy session.pdf
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