Mac Drupal

Presenter:  Markus Hörl
Track:  Design & Usability
Experience Level:  Rookies, Intermediate
Room:  Hörsaal 14A
Start:  28.11.2009 - 12:00
Type:  Session
Language:  English

You have a Mac and no idea of programming. Probably you are a (Graphic) Designer. Who said you can’t design AND develop even complex websites on your own? With Drupal you can! So take your MacBook and fill it with a piece of fresh grilled meat, some lettuce and tomatoes, squeeze it and take a bite.

A Mac centered cookbook to piece together first class Drupal websites without programming:

  • Stove, Pot, wooden spoon: some Mac tools you might want to use for online and offline development
  • Ingredients and preparation: about Drupal, Drupal distributions, modules and translations
  • Season to taste: typical adjustments, tweaks, tips and tricks
  • Arrange everything on the plate: create your custom theme with just a few lines of css
  • How to become a award-winning chef (and forget about the cookbook): Where to find the information to upgrade your know how and improve your skills

Your Mac and our Drupal: While others are still cooking with water, we are cooking with gas!

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