Strategies in Creating a Community Around a Drupal Web Site - Examples

Presenter:  Zeljko Puljic
Track:  Show Cases & Business
Experience Level:  Rookies, Intermediate, Advanced
Room:  Hörsaal 15
Start:  28.11.2009 - 15:00
Type:  Session
Language:  English

We will talk about technological and organizational aspects of organizing and supporting a web community on the base of Drupal show cases: and

Community Websites are not just a phenomenon in USA. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to create a vivid web community "from zero" – and that counts also for Austria. But creating a community web site is not enough, you also need to take care about the people who should use it. We will present the marketing strategies of several successful web community projects that MontenaSoft has taken part and how that web marketing strategy could be mixed with technical possibilities of Drupal.