Version Management with Subversion for Designers - The why and the how

Presenter:  Lena Doppel
Track:  Design & Usability
Experience Level:  Rookies
Room:  Hörsaal 14A
Start:  28.11.2009 - 15:00
Type:  Session
Language:  English

If you've ever visited a Drupal camp or conference before, chances are you came upon someone mentioning the necessity of using "version management" and you probably watched in awe as all the coders in the room nodded their heads gravely.

If you ever wondered why this is so, this session's for you.

I had this experience over a year ago and decided to look into the pros and cons of version management and how I could accomplish it without using a command line interface. In the process I even succeeded in finding tools that emit a decent web2.0ish, designy feeling.

If you would like to follow along:

We will

  • get an overview of the basic concepts of version controlling your "code". In our case that means mostly css and tpl.php files.
  • discuss what version management means for designers and how it can be helpful.
  • set up a local repository (that's where all your version controlled files live).
  • set up a free hosted repository using (comes in handy if you develop as a team).
  • (very likely) produce version conflicts and (probably) make mistakes to learn from while we play around with version controlling a Drupal installation.
Slides as file:  application/pdf iconSubversionDesignersSlides.pdf

Subversion plug-in for Photoshop

Hi Lena,

Since you are covering the "Subversion for Designers" topic, you may want to try PixelNovel Timeline -

It's an SVN plug-in for Photoshop created specifically for designers. It's very intuitive and easy to set up so may be a good starting point for designers wishing to understand the concept of version control.

Anatoly Paraev 25. November 2009 - 14:28

Hi Willem!

Thank's for your wishes and for the tip, I will look into this PC tool you mentioned. Too bad you can't come.
I hope we'll meet again at the next European con!

Take care!


Lena Doppel 9. November 2009 - 23:49


Hi Lena,

I wish you luck with your session. Budgetwise i will not be able to attend Vienna. Maybe somebody wants to tape your session? Hopefully i'll see you again at the next drupalcon Europe.
Pc guys should look into svntortoise for some similar integration in windows, not nearly as pretty though.

Willem Mol 2. November 2009 - 16:05


Instead of replying I added my own comment!

Anyway what I wanted to add: I don't know if we will tape any sessions but I will bring it up at the next meeting.


Lena Doppel 9. November 2009 - 23:50