Markus Kalkbrenner

architect, developer, cocomore

I was active in various open source projects and came to drupal when version 5.0 was released. I'm head of software development at Cocomore AG where currently 12 of our developers are working on drupal projects.

Top 3 drupal projects we realized so far: (still beta)

Personally I'm contributing patches to various drupal modules or core and maintaining three drupal modules:

My special interest is Apache Solr Search Server and its integration into drupal. Beside some other features and patches I focus on its usage for other languages than English. For those who can't wait for apachesolr 6.x-2.x a 6.x-1.x based version including the localization patches that exist so far could be downloaded at

City:  Frankfurt am Main
Country:  Deutschland
Drupal ID:  124705


Drupalcamp 2009

I'm going to attend!:  Yes!


Member for
7 years 29 weeks

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